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Vastu is the ancient science of direction that combines all elements of nature and balances them to enhance health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened and positive environment.Vastu Shastra tries to remove all ill effects through structural alterations and/or use of vastu products like pyramids etc.
Formed from two words Vasa (Living) + Sthuala (Place of Living) =Vastu

Basically Vastu is supposed to be a way of synchronizing the five fundamental elements in this Universe ie, Earth, Sky, Fire, Air and Water, with the eight directions ie, East, West, North, South, North East, North West, South East and South West, and also with the gravitational and the electro-magnetic force of the Earth. 

Vastu Tips : Residential Property
Direction Best Suited For
East Living Room,Study Room,Guest Room,Bathroom
West Dinning Room,Children Room,Study Room,Toilet
North Main Entrance,Living Room, Treasury
South Store Room,Bedroom
North East Main Entrance, Prayers Room,Temple
North West Guest Room,Dinning Room,Study Room,Washing Place
South East Kitchen,Tulsi Plant
South West Master Bedroom,Dressing Room,Wardrobes,Storing Heavy Items.
Vastu Tips : Commericial Property
Direction Best Suited For
East Main Entrance,Storing Light Items,Staff Working Area
West Display Room,Toilet,Store Room
North Main Entrance,Finance Area
South Storage of heavy items, Seating for no. 2 person in the company. 
North East Main Entrance, Reception Area, Temple, Storing light weight items. 
North West Display room, Sales/Marketing Staff Area, Computer room, Toilet. 
South East Purchase Department, Computer Server, R & D Department, Electric Meter & Gadgets. 
South West Main Boss Cabin, Storage of heavy items
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