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Having a home of one's own is always a dream for many. We, at Nirmal Housing help you realise this dream by offering you home loan options from a wide range of financial institutions. A home loan, as the name suggests, refers to a loan taken for the purchase or construction of a living space. Quite obviously, you would want to avail the maximum amount at the minimum rate possible, which is why we, at Nirmal Housing are here to help you.

Currently, there are many loan providers in the market which are offering home loans at various interest rates. However, not all deals would serve your needs, and one must do through market research before taking a decision. Reading the terms and conditions carefully, deciding whether to take loans at a floating rate basis or a fixed rate one, how much loan amount to take, for what period of time to take it, these are some of the questions must be answered before applying anywhere. For instance, Bank A might give you a loan of 50 lacs at an interest of 11% for 3 years, and Bank B might give you the same loan at an interest of 12% for 7 years. It is now up to you to decide which offer to accept, since it depends entirely on your repaying capacity.Hence here we play role of giving consultancy to you which suits you the best .

Documents Required Apply Loan
Driving License
Voter's ID
PAN Card
Ration Card
Utility Bill office and residence
Latest 6 months Bank Statement from Salary Account
Latest Salary Slips for 3 months
Form 16
PROOF OF INCOME (Self Employed)
Latest 1 year Bank Statement of current and saving of all Operating Account
Last 3 years ITR with Computation of Income/and balance sheet (Certified by chartered accountant)
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